QTEC Fire Services Pty Ltd started trading as Q Trading Pty Ltd in January of 1992. The company name changed in January 2007 to reflect the increased focus on the core business of manufacturing Australia's highest quality AFFF spray systems.

The original name included connotations of a general trading company and did not reflect the value-added service we provide to our customers nor the current focus on quality fire suppression systems.

Originally based in the industrial and hydraulics industry, company founder Mark Ivanovic built a strong reputation for customer service and product knowledge. His excellent technical aptitude and good reputation resulted in the maintenance of many long term customer relationships as well as abundant new opportunities through personal recommendations.

Originally supplying hydraulic components to existing fire suppression companies it became obvious that the state of the art in this industry was based around inefficient screw-type hydraulic fittings and flexible hose.

Q Trading created a paradigm shift in the Australian AFFF spray system industry by implementing high quality stainless steel rigid piping, flared fittings and eventually manufacturing their own LOP and ROP valves, machined from billet materials on their modern machining centres, right here in Brisbane, Australia.

QTEC Fire Services continues to lead the way in the fire suppression industry, being the only Australian owned company to continually develop and manufacture our products in Australia for domestic and international applications alike. We have existing customers in our neighbouring suburbs of Brisbane and as far away as South Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.